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Trivium – The Storm (Official Audio)

Trivium’s ‘The Storm’ from the Ember To Inferno deluxe edition, Ab Initio – available December 02.

Pre-order Ember To Inferno + merch bundles here: https://Triv.lnk.to/ETIAS

Ember To Inferno. The album that started it all – available again.
CD and double LP, plus the new Ab Initio Deluxe Edition – with 13 bonus tracks on 2 CDs and 5 LPs

“The Storm” is a Trivium track of legend. It’s been completely absent from the world for ages since it was only available on the Trivium “blue demo” (aka “Caeruleus”) – a demo that has been rumored to be priced at hundreds of dollars on auction websites.

This song lyrically is inspired by the Norwegian Oskoreia, which is a European folk legend that is known to have inspired Black Metal’s very creation.

“The Storm” is a piece that foreshadows where Trivium would eventually go with its more progressive pieces like much off the Shogun album; it’s a blend of instrumental technicality, melody, and brutality.”

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