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Too Close To Touch

Too Close To Touch

The Local 506 was wall-to-wall Monday night with fans eager to catch Too Close To Touch and Waterparks. Along with them was Chapel, a trio hailing from Athens, Georgia.

Local band The Second After opened the show. They were a breath of energetic pop-punk air. The crowd was vibing and so were they. It was obvious that they felt at home and their performance reflected that as well. Even with their short set, they managed to get everyone amped for the sets to come.



Indie/pop band Chapel was next on the bill. Frontman Carter Hardin was captivating to watch with his quirky lyrics and slightly awkward stage presence. Meaning ‘slightly awkward’ in the best possible way. There seemed to be a ton of musical influence in their sound – most prominent being Kings of Leon. Drummer Kortney Grinwis was phenomenal behind the kit. It was evident that they are heart and soul performers, not just musicians.







Alt-rockers Too Close To Touch dual-headlined and played a mix of old and new. Vocalist Keaton Pearce always delivers on the emotional scale. His heartfelt and oftentimes heavy lyrics resonate much deeper than most. Their stage presence was strong – their light design amplified the heavy riffs and breakdowns, creating a visual and auditory experience. Their setlist included tracks from their self-titled EP, their 2015 release, ‘Nerve Endings,’ and most recent release, ‘Haven’t Been Myself.’










Their instrumentals were tight and the crowd sang along with Pearce for the entirety of their set. TCTT ended the night with ‘Eily,’ a dark, personal track rehashing the loss of Pearce’s baby sister. The emotion was shared amongst the crowd and carried each other and the band as they navigated the heart wrenching lyrics.

Pop-punk Texas trio Waterparks wrapped up the evening with a 10-song set. There was no question that the majority of the concertgoers were there for them. The fans sang along with charismatic frontman, Awsten Knight, from beginning to end. Waterparks’ setlist included ‘Stupid For You,’ ‘I’m a Natural Blue,’ ’21 Questions,’ and ‘Royal.’

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PopD gives this show 3 out of 5 stars.


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