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The Maine – ‘lovely little lonely’ teaser

The Maine – ‘lovely little lonely’ teaser

Arizonian alternative rockers, The Maine, are set to release their new album ‘lovely little lonely’ on April 7th. Until then, they’re fueling the fire by releasing track teasers.

They released a clip from track 12, ‘how do you feel?’ and its 35 seconds of musical gold. In that half-minute, The Maine’s lyrics are diving deep and asking thought-provoking questions: “Are you free or are you being borrowed? How do you feel? What’s your condition? You are alive but are you living? Give me a voice and I’ll give it a listen. Are you complete or is something missing?” The radio-worthy chorus and seductively happy riffs seem a bit juxtaposed given the rooted lyrics, however it still makes a perfect addition to any road trip playlist.

Cleverly, the teaser for track 11, ‘lonely,’ released earlier today – exactly 11 days until the album drops. Very different from ‘how do you feel,’ this track begins with ambient instrumentals and carries on at a sleepy tempo. Vocalist John O’Callaghan baits listeners with wistful, lullaby-esque lyrics, but the teaser cuts several seconds shorter, leaving a lot to anticipate.

From those tiny snippets, it seems that ‘lovely little lonely’ will be a treat, instrumentally and lyrically. Keep an ear out for more snippets of ‘lovely little lonely’ and catch the entire album on April 7th!

Check out teasers for ‘how do you feel’ and ‘lonely’ on their facebook page.

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