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The Attack interview

The Attack interview

The Attack Interview

Hey! How’s it going?

Doing well, Thanks


With it being an election year, more and more fans are turning to punk music as an outlet. What does The Attack bring to the table, that we may be missing?

Punk has always been about rebellion and for standing up for what you believe in.  Presidential candidates, bosses, teachers… There will always be personal revolution.  We want The Attack to be playing into our fans ears while they decide what is best for them.


Tell us about your new EP: On Condition:

It’s actually a LP. It’s a new full length record.  12 songs.  We’re more than happy with the outcome of this record.  It was recorded in Asbury Park, NJ at The Lake House and Little Eden studios with producer Pete Steinkopf.


Will the EP be available on Vinyl?

Yes, It will available on 12” vinyl.


You will even be hitting the water this spring on Flogging Molly’s Salty Dog Cruise! Will this be your first cruise performance? What are you most excited for on the cruise?

It will be our first cruise performance.  I’m mostly excited because we know quite a few of the bands already.  I can’t to see and be apart of the impromptu sessions. All star line ups doing cover sets!  Secret shows in rooms!  I’ve heard of some shenanigans in the past. Someone might have to write a book about this cruise!


 Any tour dates set for the remainder of 2016 or even into 2017?

We have a quick run up the east coast with Less Than Jake mid November.  We plan to hit the road hard next year to support and promote “On Condition”


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