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Stone Sour at Upstate Concert Hall

Stone Sour at Upstate Concert Hall

On August 5, Stone Sour’s highly anticipated show finally came to town for New Yorkers. The show was sold out, the placed packed so full you could barely walk around. Hundreds of rock fans excitedly came out to see Stone Sour play in a small venue, something that is rare to occur.

The lights went dim and the place filled with screams and chants, as the band took the stage. Opening with “Taipei Person / Allah Tea”, frontman Corey Taylor fiercely stormed on stage, throwing bottles of open water all over the ecstatic crowd, and belting out the lyrics to their most popular songs.

The night went on and the crowd got rowdier, pits forming and crowd surfers flying. Confetti guns and large inflatables were used throughout, keeping everyone on their toes. It was definitely a great show for everyone who attended, and a must see next time for those who didn’t get tickets in time.


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