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Sparrow Sleeps Interview

Sparrow Sleeps Interview

Sparrow Sleeps Interview

-Hey! How’s it going?
Casey – Thanks for having us!

Peter – Awesome! Thanks!

-You classify yourself as a “Lullaby group” where did you come up with that term, and what do you define it as?
C – Before this album, we were literally a lullaby group (or brand). We’ve released 30 lullaby albums to date, featuring sleepy renditions of songs by Paramore, Yellowcard, Cartel, MXPX, Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, and tons of others.

-All of your tracks feature some great punk artists- (Ryan Key, Mike Herrera, Will Pugh). How did you make these connections and choose who to put on each track?
C – We have met a lot of them through creating the lullaby albums. We reach out to artists and/or their management for our lullaby releases to let them know our plans of releasing a lullaby album of their music. We hear back from most of them, and a lot of the artists have been into the project because they’re parents themselves. Ryan, Mike, and Will are all examples of artists we’ve gotten to know through the lullaby album releases.

P – A few of the guest vocalist on this album were ones that we hadn’t worked with previously through a lullaby release. During our first recording session at ABG Studio, we got connected with Dan (Real Friends) and Joe (Knuckle Puck) through our producer Seth Henderson who has recorded with both bands.

-Tell us about your new album; Sparrow and Friends Start A Band! What inspired the songs on the album?

C – Sparrow and Friends Start A Band! was just the next logical step for Sparrow Sleeps. My daughter Sparrow just turned 3, and she’s been listening to a ton of educational music geared toward her age group. I noticed that not too many options were available for parents that grew up listening to this genre, so Peter and I discussed it and decided to record an album that parents could tolerate and kids could learn from. The songs are all based off of lessons that Sparrow was learning during the writing process like crossing the street safely and eating anything other than yogurt and donuts. We went into the studio with Seth Henderson as our producer (Real Friends, Knuckle Puck), and brought in Gabriel Stonerock to take care of the majority of the instrumentation. The album wouldn’t be near as fun as it is without those two taking part.

-Do you plan on designating a frontman or woman in the future, or will you keep bringing in guests?
C – As of now, we just plan on creating fun music with musicians we like.

P – We’ve really enjoyed the collaborative nature of everything we’ve released so far. So, I think in the future you’ll seem more guest vocalist or even artists participating with us more heavily with the writing and demoing aspect.

-What attracted you to sing pop-punk children’s music?
C – Sparrow has grown up listening to pop-punk music since that’s what I enjoy listening to. Whether it’s in lullaby form or just playing from the turntable. Family photo albums include so many pictures of her playing with vinyl, or messing with the EQ on the turntable. There’s videos of her dancing to Alkaline Trio and Saves the Day. So now that she’s three years old, and educational music is taking over, it made sense to write and record an album that covers fast and loud while still teaching her how to count to 10.

P – Pop-punk has been a huge part of my life since around 7th grade and Sparrow Sleeps is a great opportunity to get to let that shine.

-Any tour dates set? If so- what could fans expect from your live show?
C – We aren’t planning on touring, but if any bands out there are looking for a fun opening act, we can have the puppets ready.

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