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Single Review: Bring Me Home, Whitechapel

Single Review: Bring Me Home, Whitechapel

Metal band Whitechapel from Knoxville, Tennessee released a music video for ‘Bring Me Home,’ a single from their most recent album. ‘Bring Me Home’ navigates the dark emotional struggle of frontman Phil Bozeman after losing his father.

The song begins with haunting vocals, ambient guitars and a prominent bass line. Heavy vocals eventually take over and create an interesting mixture that hints at possible influences such as Tool and Breaking Benjamin. The anxious mesh of instrumentals throughout the middle of the song seem to perfectly capture and portray the inner turmoil Bozeman felt during that time.

The video perfectly visualizes that time in Bozeman’s life and brings visual clarity to that intimate pain – pain that is only understood after personally experiencing a tragedy of that caliber. He sits in a dimly-lit room alone with his pain, in his mind’s own prison. They capture the grisly reality of those darkest moments as flashbacks blaze across the screen. The memories of lighter times are brought back with cuts of Bozeman penning a suicide note.

‘…I close my eyes and count to ten
The seconds turn to years and slowly
I’ve been recognizing everything
Through an adolescent mind.
It’s so dark here
For the first time I feel alive
But you’re not here…

I’ll live on and carry your name
And be what you always thought I could be…’

The lyrics are honest and dark, resonating with anyone who has lost a loved one.

PopD gives this song and video 5 out of 5 stars.




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