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Single Review: Hard Times, Paramore

Single Review: Hard Times, Paramore

Grab your scrunchiis and neon leg warmers and maybe a grass skirt? The new Paramore single ‘Hard Times’ is a funky retro compilation of 80’s electro pop with an island twist? But the real question is what can’t Hayley Williams do? This single is an interesting stretch of the Paramore norm. “Hard Times’ dropped unexpectedly on April 19th with a music video and announcement of their fifth studio album coming this summer. Williams is further closing the gap between rock and pop with this endeavor that is seemingly a lot less punk and a lot more pop. The ambient electronic melody is sewn together with signature Hayley-style lyrics, ‘All that I want is to wake up fine – tell me that I’m alright – that I ain’t gonna die…Hard times gonna make you wonder why you even try…’ Whether you’re a fan of the track or not, it is certain that they nailed it. Taking bits and pieces of 80’s pop and Williams’ punchy punk vocals, they’ve created their catchiest dance party anthem so far.

Paramore has been kicking ass and taking names for several years now with notable experiments along the way – ie: ‘The Only Exception’ – but ‘Hard Times’ is definitely the most ambitious. Fans will either jump on board or get left behind because Paramore is proving exactly how versatile their talent truly is. PopD gives this track 5 out of 5 stars.




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