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Single Review: City Of The Weak- Censor This

Single Review: City Of The Weak- Censor This

It has been a good minute sense we have herd from City Of The Weak. They took us by storm back in 2014 when we discovered them alongside Stitched Up Heart. Picking up their latest EP- disclosure proved that City Of The Weak had a sure future ahead of them.

Moving forward to 2016- They recently put out “Censor This”¬†Produced by Craig Owens (Chiodos). It took us a day or two before we found it on YouTube, or any other streaming site besides a small teaser on Facebook.

Lyrically, Stef has nailed it- but did we expect anything less? …On the negative side we can not help but question the obvious autotune in the track. Their previous work vocally sounded nothing like this, so why start now? Give the track a listen, can you even make out the lyrics completely with all that autotune? Come on Craig, you had to of noticed it.

Instrumentally, “Censor This” is solid. Especially with losing one of their guitarists recently, they have kept true to their sound. Lets hope they take this autotune off the tracks still in the mix to save us all from indeed, censoring this fully in the future.


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