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Show Review:North American Tour MMXVII

Show Review:North American Tour MMXVII

Traveling for a show is an every time thing, but when that show’s headliner is Carnifex, the blood really starts pumping. Deathcore has something so raw and real about it. It could be the amazing musicians and how they hang out and meet fans before and after the set. It could be how passionate they are about the words they write for the songs they scream every night on tour, or how that most of the venues they play have no barricade. Whatever it is, it makes feet jump and hands swing.


First up was Shemustburn, all the way from London.  The entire band was full of energy from start to finish. At first Joseph Sinclair (vocalist) mic had some technical difficulties but that was shortly fixed. He rocked it out anyways and got the crowd going regardless.  If you are a fan of Make Them Suffer, you will love Shemustburn. Although these bands are similar, each of them certainly sound unique. As their first North American tour they had a wonderful performance with a ton of headbanging. You could tell that the band was very excited to be here. They have a new album, Grimoire, being released on March 3rd.


The second band to perform was Lorna Shore.  Many people, see Lorna Shore as the future of deathcore. Everyone was surprised when they opened up with an older song, Godmaker, off of their 3rd EP, Maleficium. They also played the unreleased title track from their upcoming album Flesh Coffin. The crowd was so pumped and full of excitement. They brought a great performance and Tom Barber (vocalist) was nothing short of outstanding! Adam De Micco (Guitarist) gave the crowd chills when he played a riff. Don’t forget to purchase a copy of the new album, which is due to be released on February 17!


Rings of Saturn, the kings of technical deathcore, put on a show to remember. Seeing Lucas Mann and Miles Dimitri Baker shred on 8-string guitars (making it look easy) is nothing short of mesmerizing. Of course Ian Bearer (vocalist) and Aaron Stechauner (drummer) were amazing. The band played two new tracks from the untitled album they are currently working on. The closing track was the ever popular Seized and Devoured. The crowd was so pumped for their set. They had stage divers and mosh pits galore.  As soon as their set ended the crowd wanted an encore.



Fallujah was the second to last band to play. Alex, the vocalist, announced that it had been 4 or 5 years since they had toured in San Antonio. Fallujah stood apart from the other bands in that their material is more melodic and atmospheric. Don’t get me wrong they do have some amazing breakdowns. The enthusiasm of the band rubbed off on the crowd, as participation was high with clapping, screaming, and lighters/phones in the air at once. They ended their set with the song Scar Queen.


Last, but certainly not least, was Carnifex.  These guys are always full of energy.  Carnifex had a great stage setup with props, smoke, and extra lighting. Carnifex has consistently released solid albums, never disappointing. They played material from each of their six albums, which is a rarity for bands these days. Their style is a blackened deathcore, as evidenced by their outfits and Scott’s (vocalist) black painted eyes. A cover song took everyone by surprise. When they started playing Slipknot’s The Heretic Anthem, the pit went crazy. Everyone started jumping and within a few seconds a circle pit was in full effect.  Carnifex closed out with the classic Lie to my Face and it brought the house down.

Be sure to check the next time any of these bands come to your town. You won’t be disappointed and you will leave speechless.



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