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Show Review: Set It Off

Show Review: Set It Off

Alternative band Set It Off recently made a stop at Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park, New York on the Ambitions tour with ONE OK ROCK.


Palisades joined the tour as an opener, with local band Restless Streets opening for this date of the tour as well. As soon as the background music faded and the lights went out, the crowd went wild. Set It Off powerfully took the stage, opening up with “Ancient History”, one of their more popular songs off album Duality. The crowd was wild; loving every second of it.


Set It Off frontman Cody Carson was very interactive with the crowd, letting them sing with him in the mic, walking into the crowd, and making great speeches while on stage. He discussed how music is and always will be a safe place, a place to let loose and forget about all of your problems temporarily. Their song “Life Afraid” is written about these topics, and watching it live was a very moving experience for many.

Although their set was cut short, fans loved every minute of it and rocked out until the end. After the show, all of  Set It Off came out to thank the fans for coming and take the time to personally talk to everyone there. Not every artist or band will take the time out of their day to show appreciation to their fans and connect with them, but this band is truly something special.


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