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Parkway Drive, The Word Alive, + More

Parkway Drive, The Word Alive, + More

On Thursday night, bands Parkway Drive, The Word Alive, and Wage War stopped in Clifton Park, New York to play a nearly sold out show for many rock and metal fans.

Wage War kicked off the show with a banger, Stitch, which immediately got the energy flowing and the crowd jumping up and down on their feet. Wage War is a smaller band from Ocala Florida, and although they haven’t the largest fanbase yet, definitely know how to put on a good show.

Next up was The Word Alive, playing a great mix of older and newer songs. They had a fantastic stage presence, never staying still in one place on the stage, and really engaging the crowd. Many fans belted the lyrics to their song Misery, while others quickly emerged to barricade as they crowd surfed.

Last up for the night was headliner Parkway Drive, and as soon as the lights went down, the venue was instantly filled with screams and cheers. As the beginning notes to Wild Eyes began to play, the entire crowd sang along and didn’t miss a beat, etching a permanent smile onto lead singer Winston McCall’s face. The crowd and band were both very energetic, from belting out lyrics and chords to crowd surfers with inflatable animals, neither the band nor crowd missed a beat. 

Check out the full gallery here.

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