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New Found Glory 20th Anniversary Tour with Can’t Swim

New Found Glory 20th Anniversary Tour with Can’t Swim

Lately pop punk band New Found Glory has been touring worldwide on their 20 Years of Pop Punk tour. This tour will move on from the United States this summer, hitting places all over the world for the rest of the year. They brought supporter Can’t Swim with them on this tour. Can’t Swim is a little known and newer rock band from New Jersey. Their new album, Fail You Again is available through Pure Noise Records. This little band certainly packed a punch opening for New Found Glory. Here’s a few shots from their set:


New Found Glory hit the stage around 9:00pm, a fairly early time for a headliner to be starting, especially since the show started at eight. But there was great reasoning behind this. Each date of this tour differs. The band alternates between two different albums per show, meaning they play two of their albums in it’s entirety for the crowd. This is something that is rarely seen in this music scene, and it is most definitely a special experience, especially for fans who have supported the band for a while. At Upstate Concert Hall, they performed albums Catalyst and Sticks and Stones in it’s entirety. A 2 page setlist. The band opened with Understatement, followed by All Downhill From Here, two of their most popular songs off Catalyst. It was truly an incredible night for all who came out.


Check out the full gallery here.

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