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Lacey takes over Lancaster, PA

Lacey takes over Lancaster, PA

Running late, the PopD team finally made it to the Chameleon in Lancaster just in time as Stitched Up Heart was about to take the stage. One of the first things we noticed is how the front row the past two times we have been at the Chameleon have been full of fans rocking Stitched Up Heart shirts. It’s clear their fanbase is huge in Lancaster- and we are ready for a Stitched Up Heart headlining tour! Getting right to business Stitched Up Heart delivered their energy packed set. It was heavy hitting, and full of head banging and crowd surfing leaving fans wanting more. Our only complaint is that they do not play any of their older songs!


Next up on the bill was Palisades. The only male fronted band on the bill had a lot to live up, and being between Stitched Up Heart and Lacey was some hard boots to fill! Their style was a little different, but the crowd still enjoyed what they had to offer. The band shared they just dropped a new self titled album- be sure to check it out! These guys are a sure hit for the future, if you do not believe us just check out their latest single! It is perfect for valentines day.


Moment of truth, Lacey finally took to the stage. She kicked right off with her first single, Impossible with fans immedatley singing along.  Her high energy set, had fans on their feet as she played a perfect mix of cover songs and songs old and new. One of the best things about any Lacey show is the passion in her set. Not only does she genuinely put everything into her songs, but the state of worship she gets into on stage is breathtaking. Really, something to admire. If you missed our interview with her last spring, be sure to check it out. Definitely not one to miss!

The fans literally squealed when they heard the first riff of Cassie cue up. It is great that Lacey brings back some of the old Flyleaf tracks for fans to enjoy along with her new songs. Another thing that really sets her shows apart from any others is that she always makes sure to add in a worship song to her set. Like we said earlier, she really gets into a stage of worship on stage. This night she shared with us David Crowder‘s Back To The Garden. She also stated that the band does not do encores, so the next few were for the old fans and that would be the end of the show as she went into All Around Me followed by a mashup of I’m So Sick/Chasm/Call You Out. She made sure to end the night on a high note as she finished with a cover of Kari Jobe cover of Forever. Lacey brought us more than a night out at a rock show. She brought us a night of uplifting thoughts and worship, and it is just what we needed.



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