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In This Moment w/ MIW, Avatar, Gemini Syndrome

In This Moment w/ MIW, Avatar, Gemini Syndrome

In This Moment is at it again! This epic run included: Gemini Syndrome, Avatar, and Motionless In White for a sure stacked lineup. The Sherman Theater was sold out that night as fans packed in for this great lineup.

Unfortunately we had some troubles getting into the venue itself with it being so sold out, so we missed most of Gemini Syndrome‘s set. By the time we made it inside they were well into their set with fans singing along to every line. After their set you could see their drummer, Brian Steele Medina- out on the barricade branding fans with the Synner logo, and posing for picturIMG_3802

Avatar took to the stage next. They rolled frontman, Johannes Eckerström in a circus like curtain for a grand reveal. They put on a great energetic set for fans, as their headbangs were synced in motion. The band has a full run of tour dates ahead of them yet- be sure to check the dates and join the twisted circus sideshow.


Motionless In White set their Halloween themed stage up next as the fans anticipation grew, it was a hometown show for MIW- so you could just feel the love for them in the room. The band mentioned on stage what an honor it was for the first time  in their 11 year career, that this was the first they got to play The Sherman Theater- completely soled out. It was monumental, as they gave us everything they had. To finish the set off, they had to finish with our hometown Anthem, 570.


After some technical difficulties, In This Moment finally took the stage. All the stage props from earlier in the night was just a glimpse into what ITM would prepare us for as they would put on a full production. They played a rather short set for a headline tour, but the fans loved every second as they performed some of their hits such as: Blood, Adrenalize, and Sick Like Me. Maybe we missed a few songs due to the technical difficulties before the set- but either way the band put on a great show. Our only really complaint- We thought they would do something special for Whore. Most know in the music video for Whore, they used Chris Motionless (MIW) who happened to be on the same tour and it was his hometown show, so I am sure we are not the only ones who were hoping to see him re-appear for a special rendition of whore. Regardless, it was a beautiful set- and you can catch both acts out on the Worlds Loudest Month, and recently announced: The second leg of the Half God, Half Devil Tour.



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