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In This Moment, Motionless In White, Little Miss Nasty

In This Moment, Motionless In White, Little Miss Nasty

In This Moment stopped in the Oak City Sunday night and played to packed out venue. On their ‘Half God, Half Devil’ tour, they were accompanied by Motionless In White, a Pennsylvania-bred American metalcore band, and rock and roll burlesque troupe, Little Miss Nasty.

Litte Miss Nasty took the stage, twice, in an unexpected haze, once to start off the night, and then again after Motionless In White. Gorgeous women decked out in schoolgirl leather and stilettos shocked the crowd with theatrical and provocative dance. LMN performed a variety of dances, including pole and chair dances, as well as original choreography to popular metal tracks.


Motionless In White took the stage with eerie familiarity. Anticipation welled in the room as MIW’s jack-o-lanterns and candles flickered in the darkness. The music hit and MIW appeared in mourning veils, face paint, and swinging black hair. They began their set with LOUD and frontman Chris Cerulli proceeded to give a shout out to Raleigh’s own ‘The Brewery’ as he encouraged everyone in the room to move and get involved in the performance. Motionless’ set list included AMERICA, Eternally Yours, an impeccable cover of System of A Down’s ‘Chop Suey,’ and finished up with ‘Reincarnate.’ The band was joined on stage by an axe-wielding clown and a dead cheerleader who tossed candy to the crowd.






Headliners In This Moment kicked off their set with ‘Blood.’ Maria Brink, possibly the Mariah Carey/Lady Gaga of metal, took the stage in a cloud of haze, surrounded by her Blood Girls. In This Moment was dramatic and theatrical. Each song incorporated visual elements and props, and a mad number of wardrobe changes. In This Moment clearly focuses on the entire performance, not the sound alone. That is evident in every movement, prop, and outfit their team presents. Other songs from their setlist included Black Widow, Burn, and a beautiful piano solo of Lay Your Gun Down. Brink was joined on stage by Chris Motionless for a lovely duet of Black Wedding. Towards the end of their set, Maria stopped mid-song (Sick Like Me) to reprimand a rough mosher, who was clearly ruining the experience for the people around him. On behalf of everyone who has ever experienced that at a show, we thank you, Maria. Brink spoke from her heart, telling the audience about past experiences, and how they pushed her to become who she is today. Though there were hundreds of people in the crowd, it felt that she was speaking to each and every person individually. The feeling of connection was overwhelmingly beautiful, and what the scene is all about. To wrap up the show, In This Moment ended with Whore. Maria donned her hat, slapped her ruler, and dominated the encore as giant balloons rained from the ceiling.







The Half God, Half Devil tour was a delight for the senses – visually and auditory. The effort and care put into each set and song is impressive. It is refreshing to see musicians so in love with their fans and with their craft, that their soul shines in every aspect of the show. Pop D gives this show 4 out of 5 stars. View full gallery here.


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