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Green Day Revolution Radio – Single Review

Green Day Revolution Radio – Single Review

Getting their start in the late 80’s, Green Day arguably became one of the most popular and successful punk-rock bands in America. After a few years off the grid, they are set to release their twelfth studio album in early October. The title track ‘Revolution Radio’ was released earlier today and is irrevocably classic Green Day. Keeping up their signature lyrical mashup of crude pop culture, politics and a little anarchy, their latest anthem sports lyrics like, ‘Sing like a rebel’s lullaby, under the stars and stripes for the lost souls that were cheated…Give me cherry bombs and gasoline…’

One thing that’s remained constant throughout Green Day’s career is how polished their punk-rock sound is in comparison to like bands, though some may argue that polishing diminishes the punk-rock character. They have such a full sound for a three-piece group and, throughout the years, have learned to play in a way that compliments each member well, almost formulaically.

‘Revolution Radio’ and previously-released single, ‘Bang Bang,’ are definite proof that Green Day’s not done yet and that they’re reaching back to their roots. Pop Deflators gives this single 4 out of 5 stars.


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