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The Flux Machine Interview

The Flux Machine Interview

The Flux Machine Interview

Hey! How is it going?

TFM: Electric! Were wired!!

You are a new act yet, forming in 2014. What does The Flux Machine bring to the table that the general music world is missing at this point? 

TFM: We’re from the “talk is cheap, music does the walking” school of rock. As we developed the music we realized that it was really much bigger than the sum of its parts, and we let the rock gods lead us to total temptation and complete satisfaction! Every song is crafted to evoke a pure emotional drive. The Flux Machine is the perfection of rock. Not the greatest ever but a heart felt attempt at something glorious in the annals of rock music history.

Tell us about your upcoming release:
TFM: “Louder!” is at the crest of the new movement for the original experience that is vinyl. We did not do this intentionally, we just felt that it was the best delivery system for a record like ours. It’s visually stunning, with an exploding red splatter on the disk itself.

I was pretty pumped to see this one is going to be available on Vinyl. Will it be a part of Record Store day next month?
TFM: Yes! we will run a promotion on our website and on Facebook to buy our vinyl for a deeply discounted price.

You also just released a music video for “Louder”. Care to tell us about the video?

TFM: The culmination of all the rock gods efforts to create one of the most rocking songs ever! It’s all about grabbing the guitar and blasting the demons out of your head, and the only way is Louder!

Any tour dates planned for to support the album? 

TFM: Yes, so far we’re playing the MOVE Music Festival in April and the Jersey Shore Music Festival in May. Dates and times are available on our website!

Anything else we need to know?
TFM: We thank you from our hearts for enjoying and supporting our trip through a music jungle, where there are excellent bands that will never be known and a very few others that will make a small dent. Then there are the mega bands, well we are happy if any and every single person who does hear the work is shaken from their foundations and changed forever to the notion that rock n roll is alive and well in The Flux Machine.


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