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Emo Nite- Bawltimore

Emo Nite- Bawltimore

Who would drive five hours to stand in a small bar with about a hundred strangers singing songs from ten years ago? Well, we did. Was it worth it? Absolutely. Let us tell you why..

It’s the connection you feel. Ten years ago, it was just you and a small group of friends who admired bands such as: My Chemical Romance, The Used, or Simple Plan. The songs that meant so much to you nearly a decade ago, but still reside so deep in your heart today. Its hundreds of strangers gathering in one place to feel that same emotion that we did so many years ago.

Emo Night

The Emo Night setup is simple: A bar, a DJ, and the fans. Honestly, you cant even see the DJ most the night over the mass crowd that storms the stage to scream the lyrics back at the fans left on the floor. You walk in a group of strangers, but come out a group of family at Emo Night. We highly recommend it to anyone who feels a personal connection to music. For more on the basics of Emo Night, check out our interview with the founders here.

Emo Night LA (the original founders) are coming up on their two year anniversary next month. If you are around the Los Angeles area, we highly recommend it. If not, no worries the party does travel to various cities around the country as well.

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