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April Fools with Another Lost Year and Never Say Die

April Fools with Another Lost Year and Never Say Die

What a better way to spend April Fools and your final day of tour than in a southern Pennsylvania town?! It was a night to remember for everyone that joined in.. We started the night off with two more local acts to open the show. Spider Rockets, an act out of NJ took to the stage with some great energy and got the crowd off their feet. Then the local hero’s of the area- Ignite The Fire, whom we have not seen sense Operation Rockfest in 2013 took the stage. The band sure has grown up in the past few years as they set fire to the stage. The crowd was singing along and the band had a great presence. After their set, you could find them personally walking around in the crowd thanking the fans for coming out and hanging out download cards for their latest single.


Never Say Die took the stage next. Most of the crowd have yet to seen the newer act, but anticipation grew as their radio single Like A Nightmare  continued to climb the Charts. The band played through some of their newer songs before hitting some old favorites from My Darkest Day’sEvery Lie and their current single- Like A Nightmare. Earlier in the set the band joked about how it was April Fools- but nothing had happened yet. Ultimately teasing Another Lost Year. Sure enough just as everyone was singing along to Porn Star Dancing, frontman Clinton Cunanan (ALY) took to the stage with a bull with some wheels on it and went down the stage to Dane Hartsell on the guitar who then hopped on the bull and rode around the stage nailing every note. The band finished strong as ALY drug out a German flag to hang high above them (A joke because they are Canadian). A high energy, fun loving set from both bands.



Another Lost Year felt right at home that night as fans welcomed them to the stage. They even had the local radio station welcome them with an artist of the year award. They played through their set, and stopped in-between songs to share fun stories- a lot with fellow Shiprockers. About half way through the set they shared that it was their Bassist, Jorge Sotomarino’s birthday! Side stage they had an Orange with a candle in it lit for him as they sang happy birthday. After which he explained the story on the orange to the crowd, as they brought his birthday cake out. It was a memorable night for all bands involved and a great way to end the tour.



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