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Adelitas Way “Tell Me” Single Review

Adelitas Way “Tell Me” Single Review

Jeremy Poterfield

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“Who are you?”
The newest single from the Adelitas Way is here and they’re trying something new. Starting with a soft, catchy intro, the vocals kick in with a foot-tapping melody that makes you wonder where the song will take you. The chorus begins giving off a pop-country vibe; something softer than their previous work but just as captivating. It continues throughout the entire song, giving it a nice flow all while asking one simple question, ‘Who are you?’

Not much changes instrumentally, keeping the beat and the flow simple and effective. A great formula for a radio single. Listeners will question how the new album, still unannounced for next year, will sound as a whole. Be on the lookout for the powerhouse known as adelitas way next year and the newest release for them in 2017.


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