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We Are The In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd

Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 2014

We Are The In Crowd

“WEIRD Kids”

Pop Punk

By: Gabe Nye

We Are the In Crowd have been around for five years now and have maintained a following despite competing against other female-fronted pop punk bands such as Paramore and Tonight Alive. Whether you’re a hardcore WATIC fan or you think it all just sounds like Paramore, there’s no denying their talent and passion for their music. Their latest album, Weird Kids, is a prime example of why they still sell out shows.

This album shows that they still care about every song that they write. The lyrics are great as always, full of teen angst and emotions. While this may not be for everyone, you cannot listen to this album with out getting goosebumps because you can relate exactly to a song. With incredibly relatable lyrics about relationships comes a thriving melody. These songs are very well written, and the music and lyrics work together perfectly. There are a few curveballs, though. We Are the In Crowd threw in some dramatically softer songs as well as an intro song that sounds like a hybrid between an ‘80s power ballad and a pop punk anthem. This leads into another song that has a strange pop punk meets Showbread meets Avril Lavigne’s later singles. While it sounds weird and silly, it actually makes for a really fun song and arguably my favorite on the album (also because vocalist Tay Jardine shows some serious attitude on this track).
The one downside to this album isn’t as serious as I initially anticipated, however it was anticipated so it’s definitely not a great thing. While I love the different elements they added to a few of their songs, generally speaking this album was identical to their 2011 release Best Intentions. It feels like they used the same formula they did three years ago, and it produced the same music that they had already released. Granted, they’re very good at what they do. This is not another Creed scenario, because We Are the In Crowd makes some great feel-good pop punk, but it lacks a new element to set them apart from their competition.
Overall I loved this album, and listened to it several times through without even realizing it. It’s definitely a record that I’ll be playing even more as the year progresses. However it does lack originality and any element that differentiates it from their previous releases. It’s enough to let this album barely scrape by with four stars. Not a phenomenal album, but definitely good and something that makes me excited to see them later this month. Plus, who can’t resist Tay Jardine’s smile?