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We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans

We Came As Romans
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Equal Vision Records
Released: 07/24/2015

We Came As Romans



by: Cynthia Rios

We Came As Romans (WCAR) is a Melodic Metalcore band, but since 2005 have added much more “Melody”. Supported by Equal Vision Records and producer David Bendeth they have conquered their genre and have taken a risk making this self-titled album their most “radio-friendly” album yet. Their previous albums have all been distinct from one another; their third album “Understanding What We’ve Grown To Be” made it clear how their style of music has changed throughout the years. This change may seems severe, but it has also set WCAR aside from other bands with their newfound originality.

We Came As Romans has stood fully by the music they’ve produced, the front man himself said “Blood, sweat and tears isn’t a figure of speech for us anymore. It’s the honest truth of ingredients that went in to this process.” The album itself builds itself up strong with it’s first song “Regenerate” allowing us to personally believe this to be one of the strongest out-speaking yet spiritually opening songs seen in a WCAR album. This takes a strong plot twist from conformity in their song “The World I Use To Know” which although it has a softer turn in events, it also summarized the combination in vocal harmonies and metal vocals showing the relationship between bandmates Dave Stephans & Kyle Porale; These are matched by the instruments and personal insights from the listeners.

Other notable songs include “Memories” which starts off soft only to build up the stronger chorus this technique is used again in the song “Who Will Pray?” For fans of their older music the song “Tear it Down” unleashes previous sounds with new rhythm and lyrics. WCAR has admitted this record is their first one not written on the road and say “We had dedicated time to writing the best song possible and I couldn’t be happier.”

Overall, We Came As Romans took a risk making their self-titled album their most notable to date. The album has a softer tone but also has a larger spiritual meaning as seen in multiple songs including “Savior of the Week” which even refers to a higher being. This album gives listeners the chance to interpret the music, and give it their own meaning. Making this their most powerful album.