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Genre: post-hardcore
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: July 1, 2016

Vanna, an ever-growing post-hardcore band from Boston, is releasing their sixth full-length studio album this July. Pop D got the chance to check out ‘All Hell’ a little early.

The album starts with ‘Paranoia Euphoria,’ which is classic aggressive Vanna. ‘Nothing is real. I can’t feel’ It’s a chanty anthem of enemies and betrayal. Vocalist Davey Muise fuses clean and heavy vocals to create a contentiously beautiful melody, which is something not a lot of bands within the genre are successful with.

Track two, aptly titled, ‘Pretty Grim’ starts with a bang, literally. Drummer Eric Goss hammers away while Muise screams (mostly) incoherent lyrics and then shit gets real: ‘I walked with the devil. I spoke with God. They don’t care if you’re miserable….I am the voice of death. There is no time left.’ While the lyrics are heavy-hitting, the chorus counterbalances with softer, eerie guitar riffs and gruff cleans.

‘Flower,’ the fourth track on ‘All Hell’ has a softer, resonant start, and then Muise starts in typical Vanna fashion. The lyrical content of this track is rooted and beautiful. It resonates with listeners on a profound level. ‘You gave me roots, you let me bloom….You gave me purpose. You gave me the world when you put your hands in mine.’ ‘Flower’ is easily one of the best tracks of their career.

‘Wounded Young’ is another banger that leaves an impression with listeners. With bullying and depression becoming so prominent in young lives and frequenting the news, the lyrics are expressive of that. ‘Every day I get pushed around…Need a place to call my own. Just need a place to call home….We are the Wounded Young.’ The words are raw and empowering, suggesting that listeners are not alone, we are the wounded young.

‘All Hell’ ends with ‘Lead Balloon.’ ‘What have I become? Dead and dumb and I’m comfortably numb. I’m not proud of this, do I even exist?’ This track seems to be the result of a tortured soul sorting out life and what it means to live. It also seems to be an accurate description of the inner turmoil anxiety and depression wreak on the body, both mentally and physically.

Although the album ends on a somber note, it’s awesome, from beginning to end. The weighty lyrics give it depth and a contemplative sense. A lot of bands in this genre write about similar experiences and struggles, but Vanna’s raw presentation of those thoughts surpasses the others. Muise’s vocals are comparable to BMTH’s Olli Sykes on a poignant level. The guitar riffs and rhythm section compliment the lyrics and disposition perfectly. PopD gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.