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Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive
Genre: Pop Rock
Label: Fearless Records
Released: 03/14/2016

Tonight Alive



Ash Starkweather


Tonight Alive is an Australian Pop-Rock band from Sydney, Australia. They first formed in 2008 and have put out one EP and two full lengths. Their junior release, Limitless is now upon us.

Limitless starts off with “To Be Free”. You can tell from the very first note that hits, that this album is about to be out of this world. “To Be Free” grabs your attention right off the bat with the opening line, “Don’t come looking for me, I don’t wanna be found. I just wanna be free.” Then the guitars and drums come in; they really take this track to the next level, especially with the guitars and drums only highlighted in the chorus. The end of the track stands out as well, with McDougall repeating, “I am limitless” and the instruments building up behind her before the final drop. “Human Interaction” is the first single we heard from the Limitless back in October. Overall, this track best represents the album as a whole. The track is deep lyrically, with a softer sound for Tonight Alive- but still something that drives and keeps your attention.

If there were a radio single off Limitless, it would be “Drive”. It is a little more pop than most Tonight Alive fans are used to hearing; both instrumentally and lyrically, “Yeah yeah yeah yeah , no no no no- my way or the highway.” Not their best writing, but the track still carries meaning. Then “How Does It Feel” comes in. This is the most familiar sound found in the album, especially instrumentally. It’s heavier, and grooves perfectly with the lyrics, which are on point.

Things slow down when “Waves” comes in, and honestly the first verse lost us for a minute. Luckily McDougall pulls us back in at about a minute into the track when she reaches out with her impressive vocals, she really set the mood on the track. The next two tracks all blend in together but left us with the question: who is stepping up and playing keys on all these tracks? It seems that Limitless has some more instruments packed in than their previous works. They “took a risk, and not ashamed.”

Things come back into perspective with the final three tracks. “I Defy” is the first to step it back up instrumentally and hits us with some dominating lyrics, “This is my world, you are just living in it.” “We Are” has a more electronic feel to it, but it definitely suits this inspiring track, and follows its earlier track, “I Defy” perfectly lyrically, “their not going to change the world, we are.” The final track on the album, “The Greatest”, has a lot going for it, from the start it sounds more like a worship song you would hear in Church, as it features an acoustic guitar and keys, and leaves you with a very positive vibe: “Here I am fearless, here I am weightless, here I am unbreakable, here I am the greatest.”

Overall: Limitless is a solid release from Tonight Alive. It features a lot of new sounds instrumentally from the band, but keep the powerful and positive message behind their songs. Older fans may be a little off on some of the new sounds, but it is a well balanced and inspiring record that everyone should hear.