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Times Tide

Times Tide

Genre: Punk
Label: Hard Loss Records
Released: 03/04/2016

Times Tide

“Past Lives”


By: Dino Irish

Well, those wild-eyed crazy Canucks have done it again. Over the past year, the ample and burgeoning rock scene from our brothers and sisters north of the border has produced some of the most face-scorching, blood-letting jams in recent memory. “Past Lives”, the upcoming EP from Edmonton, Alberta’s very own hardcore outfit Time’s Tide, is just one more in a long string of great albums we can toss on the fire to fuel our hard rock ecstasy. The six song EP, which drops March 19th on Hard Loss Records, is the band’s introduction to the world. This is the one chance they had to make a good first impression. And, simple put, they nailed it with an album that doesn’t simple rock…it RAWKS!!!

“Drown”, the opening track, fades in with an eerie, mind-shaking feedback before raining cinder blocks of heavy drums and guitars that will obliterate the uncalloused eardrums of listeners who think a black t-shirt with a skull is the epitome of badass. “104” is a high decibel kick in the teeth, draped and dressed with swirling, frenzied vocal runs that sound like the caffeine-jacked insides of a schizophrenic mind. “Past Lives”, the title track, sparks with white-noise guitars and stinging distortion that singes and burns, all to a vocal track that sounds like the monotone death-chant of a late night monster movie. “Settle” rat-a-tat-tat’s like a gas-powered Thompson sub-machine gun, blasting white hot razor blades at everything in its path. It mows down everything in its sights, and shows no mercy. “Grow” is a war cry that builds and explodes with a hellish banshee wail that spreads vocal shrapnel all over the place. Its use in battle should be banned by the terms of the Geneva Convention. The last track, “Recover”, is a misnomer…it gives no chance for exhausted ears to recover. It jumps right in with a loopy, lumbering bass that sounds like a rubber hose in the hands of a jailer before dropping listeners into a gauntlet of low-swinging baseball bats that bark shins and wear down souls.

Time’s Tide “Past Lives” is intensity in the purest sense of the word. If it’s any indicator of what’s to come, you’d better get a copy of this album now because the energy level is so high, the band might crash out before they can get another album in the studio. It cuts and peels away any and all sense of security you might have in your speaker system. Be careful when you spin “Past Lives.” You just might fry your wiring and void your warranty.