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Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch

Genre: Rock
Released: 06/17/2016

Thousand Foot Krutch



by: Gabe Nye

            Thousand Foot Krutch have been around for over 20 years, and have made Christian charts with nearly every release. They’ve played a huge role in bridging the gap between contemporary rock, and Christian music. Being blasted in every youth group across the nation for years, I’m not surprised that they’re still producing music that sells. It’s been years since I’ve listened to them, and after listening to Exhale a few times, it’s easy to see that time has only made them better.

Exhale is an aggressive rock release that doesn’t give you a lot of time to breathe between tracks. It’s one rock song after another, over and over until the album ends. Every single song hits you with a pseudo-industrial sound and vocal patterns that make the songs fun to listen to. There’s a slight lull in the second track, but the rock doesn’t stop until the last track, “Honest”. It’s nothing new for the band, and it definitely is not an album that will surprise fans with a new sound or new dynamics. They’ve stayed true to their well-established recipes, while having also come a long way from songs like “Rawkfist”. Exhale has a far more mature sound and lyrical style, more akin to rock bands you might hear on the radio today.

Whether intentional or not, you can hear a lot of different bands in this album. There are moments I thought I was listening to Linkin Park, or Rage Against the Machine. There were certain tracks that I could have sworn were being played by Staind or Theory of a Deadman. The most obvious connection is how similar “The River” is to The Pretty Reckless’s song “Follow Me Down”. Lyrically and musically, it’s an easy connection to make. The variety of rock that’s included in Exhale make for a fun listen, though. Each track, while similar, feels fresh and steers far away from the repetition that plagues contemporary rock.

Overall I have to say I’m very impressed with Exhale. I wasn’t sure how good the album would be, since I wasn’t even aware that the band was still making music, but they’ve proved themselves to be serious contenders in the world of rock. The album earns an easy 3.5 stars. While not necessarily anything special or even memorable, it’s definitely worth listening to, and is the perfect album to fill the rare moments of silence in your day.