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Theory Of A Deadman

Theory Of A Deadman

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Roadrunner Records
Released: 07/29/2014

Theory of a Deadman


Alt. Rock

By: Taylor McCutcheon

If dead men have theories would they be as awesome as this band? Doubt it. Theory of a

Deadman, an alternative rocky band turns the tables in June with the release of their new album,

“Savages”. They returned with their hard rock, grudge sound and brought along a couple of new

styles, such as acoustic and country. Theory of a Deadman perfectly transitions between songs to

leave you satisfied and not feeling like anything is out of place. This is their fifth album release

Theory of a Deadman definitely has a signature sound. Their hard guitar and more

than dark lyrics really sets them ahead of their genre. People could argue that maybe Avenged

Sevenfold or Nickleback has a similar sound to this band, but neither of them could take sub

genres and melt them into their album so smoothly.


Out of their 5 albums, this one is by far their best. Before this album, they really did

sound just like Nickleback, they never really stood out to me. It wasn’t that they were bad. No,

they were very talented, they just didn’t give me anything to return to. This time around, they

nailed in with their catchy rhythms and upbeat music. Throwing in Alice Cooper as a Feature

artist definitely caught my attention and fans from all around would at least buy that song if

nothing else. I say this album is a definite loop listen.


Their lyrics forced me to sing along with them. I tried. It’s impossible not to at least hum

along. They took a risk with track “Livin’ My Life Like a Country Song” (feat. Joe Don Rooney

of Rascal). This song abandoned their hardcore, rock guitar and picked up their cowboy hats.

An interesting surprise from the boys that helped fans of all genre pools find their album worth

But I will admit, I find myself skipping the last track and the country song. Country and

school choirs’ aren’t my thing, but I’m sure many other fans will find those are their favorites.


I listened to this album on repeat for three days and I’m still not sick of it. It was a very nice

surprise from Theory of a Deadman and I hope they continue to impress me like they did this

Savages (The title track) has to be my favorite. It has amazing instrumentals and catchy

as hell lyrics. Alice Cooper was a nice surprise but I even found myself loving the song before he

was even introduced into the sound.


I say “Savages” should get a strong 4 out of 5 stars. I feel if they didn’t put the country

song in I would have at least considered a 4.5 out of 5. This album is not recommended to people

who hate negativity, dark things, hard rock, or swearing. It’s a favorite of mine and I hope it becomes one of yours.