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The Story So Far

The Story So Far

Genre: Pop Punk
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 05/19/15

                                    The Story So Far



                                                By Andrew James Kjelson

The Story So Far, a pop-punk band from Walnut Creek, CA, is back with their new album, “The Story So Far.” If you’ve listened to their previous albums, “What You Don’t See” and “Under Soil and Dirt,” then you pretty much know the drill with this band. This is their third studio album, and it retains a similar sound to their first two records.

Front man, Parker Cannon, brings the heart and soul to the record. His loud and edgy vocals take you on a trip through various emotions throughout the entire album. Songs such as “Smile” and “Nerve” are perfect examples of Parker’s vocal range, while “Phantom” demonstrates how the entire band can take a break from their angsty roots and chill out with a relaxing acoustic jam.

Lyrics play an important role in this album. Depression, anger, anxiety, love, and the past are common themes buried throughout each song. The opening track “Smile” shows what possibly is Parker’s troubled past and discusses his depression and how he wants to hide from the world around him. A common theme that has been in previous albums/songs from the band is the use of the color blue and indigo. “Nerve” and “Phantom” both contribute to this trend of reoccurring lyrics.

Multiple messages and stories are told through this album. As previously stated, emotions hit this album like a tsunami. Perhaps it has to do with members of the bands’ past. The songs come together to make the “sad boys summer soundtrack.” This album is a great example of a stress reliever. You can take your emotions out on this album because it can easily connect with you.

While the album’s sound stays relatively the same to their previous efforts, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. Though the album sounds similar to their previous releases, it puts the finishing touches on the recurring sound that they’ve been trying to obtain for over 4 years now. All of the songs on the album feel right at home. It’s easy to tell that the album was very thought out and not just slapped together. This band has always put their blood, sweat and tears into everything they’ve done and that’s no different here.

If you’re new to The Story So Far, I would recommend listening to their first album and then moving on up to this one. The Story So Far is an earful. Their sound can be compared to bands such as Four Year Strong, Neck Deep, Real Friends, and even Blink-182.

The only downside of the album is that it only runs to a little over 40 minutes. Every song is perfectly produced. The mixing is perfect, you could easily crank it up to 11 and rock out in your room. Guaranteed, this will be one of the most popular pop-punk albums of the summer. The band has come a long way from “Under Soil and Dirt.” The lyrics will literally come out of your speakers and touch your soul. This album isn’t for everyone, but it certainly will be a hit.