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The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside

Genre: Melodic Hardcore
Label: Epitaph
Released: 11/17/2014

The Ghost Inside

Melodic Hardcore

By: Josh Mason of Josh Mason Design

“Dear Youth”


Los Angeles, CA, Melodic Hardcore heavyweights, The Ghost Inside are back with their latest effort, released through Epitaph Records, entitled “Dear Youth.”  The album was officially released November 17th, 2014 and is now available worldwide.   For anyone comparing the artwork of “Dear Youth” to that of “One Of Us Is The Killer” by the Dillinger Escape Plan (release earlier this year – May 14th), fear not as the two records sound completely different.

“Dear Youth” starts off by giving the listener exactly what they expect from The Ghost Inside with tracks like “Avalanche, Move Me and Out of Control.”  These tracks sport what The Ghost Inside are known for.  Melodic Hardcore and Metalcore fans alike can appreciate the catchy rhythms, group vocals and crushing breakdowns.  However, the tracks Mercy and Phoenix Flame are a different sound entirely and in doing so, the band has shown that their sound is maturing.  The title track “Dear Youth” is a standout track as it is easily picked up by new and old fans alike.  The final tracks of the album take to the more aggressive side of The Ghost Inside.  “My Endnote” is easily the heaviest track on the record and one in which Hardcore fans will love.  As the record comes to a close, the attention turns to appreciating what one has and what the future holds.   The record is a journey of one’s self into the unknown (the future) as vocalist Jonathan Vigil writes in the final track of the record, “No matter what, we’re gonna pull through.  Just like we always do.  Yeah, ain’t that the truth.”

“Dear Youth” is actually a concept album based on a letter Vigil wrote to his younger self.  To read the full letter, go here – http://bit.ly/1zzKHP5

Vigil gives the listener introspective into his own mind as the album progressives.  One can hear the struggle, the heartache, and the fight for inspiration through Vigil’s words and vocals.

“Dear Youth” is the necessary step for The Ghost Inside to evolve their sound, speak to their fans and serve as an avenue for the band to express their will to go on as a band.  “Dear Youth” solidifies that there’s no stopping The Ghost Inside and is easily one of the best Melodic Hardcore / Metalcore records of 2014.


The album has earned 4 out of 5 stars as it may not be as easily picked up as their previous release “Get What You Give,” but is still as catchy as ever and gives us a preview at the evolution of the band’s sound.