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The Casualties

The Casualties

Genre: Punk
Released: 01/22/2016

The Casualties

“Chaos Sound”


By: Dino Irish

Get out the neon hair-care war paint! Get out the black leather battle armor! Get out the heavy dog chains, studded bracelets, brass knuckles, and steel-toe Doc Martens! Get out anything else you might need to gear up for some serious mosh-pit melees, because if you plan on growing a pair big enough to handle the fury that is “Chaos Sound”, the newest album from The Casualties, then you’re going to need every bit of protection you can get. The new album from the streetpunk extrordinaires, which dropped on January 22, is a decisive knockout punch of Tysonesque proportions. It’s not just an album, but an absolute event.

The album’s intro track, titled…you guessed it…”Intro”, is a soft operatic aria that kneels and touches the feet of God, luring anyone naive enough to believe in the subtle nature of the band right into the second track, “Chaos Sound”, a frantic aerial assault that sounds like a hot-wired construction crew, tearing apart the very base of decency and leaving nothing behind except debris. “Visions of Greed” is a decree for the destruction of the demonic material meatheads that run the Big Game, all to the background music of a beach party human sacrifice. “Running Through the Night” is a full vocal chorus that claims outright ownership of the early a.m. hours, when all the best of the Real World happens. “Brothers and Sisters” is an exploding love letter to all the basement punks of the world, showering shrapnel on all of those bonded by bruises and sweat. “Murder Us All” shreds in from the left with dental drill guitar riffs, tearing out each tooth one by one before ending on the right. “Work Our Lives Away” is a thumping march that shouts to all the kids to wake up, ditch the time cards, crash the machines and head out from the dead-end factories and into the streets for a taste of the Real Freedom. “Countdown to Tomorrow” slides over with a sludgy thick synth organ, before kicking in with some of the wildest shotgun-blast guitar riffs since the NWOBHM grabbed everyone by the short and curlies and gave them a little twist, while “Fight for What’s Mine” keeps the throwback vibe going with some drumming that sounds like the hoofbeats of Hell’s Chariots, closing in on the last bit of remaining sanity. “Keep Your Distance” is a don’t-tread-on-me declaration of the personal boundaries we’re all entitled to, warning anyone that crosses to have to have their affairs in order. “In the Lost City” rallies the lost freaks of the world, challenges them to crawl up from under the bootheels of the Status Quo, and to venture out in the wilderness and find a true home. “Bomb Blast” starts in with a chant for World War the Third, and leaves the ears feeling like the aftermath of the nuclear war it calls for. “R.A.M.O.N.E.S” isn’t an acronym, but a cover of a tribute to one of the Greatest Bands of All Time, originally done by one of the Greatest Bands of All Time. If you don’t know who, turn in your Rock Wings at the desk on your way out the door. “Halfway to Hell” has the warriors chanting ‘Na na na, Na na na, fighting for today’. Really, it’s the only fight that truly ever matters. “United Streets” is the closing track, but you wouldn’t know it from the full blast of energy that should have been completely spent. It closes the album like parking a car at 65 miles per hour.

“Chaos Sound” is the ninth album from The Casualties, who’ve been going strong for twenty-five years, and this vaunted band of musical mercenaries continues to kick dirt in the faces of everything and everyone that they (and us) stand against. It’s nice to see that they haven’t lost one ounce of the angry steam that keeps this well-oiled machine running. “Chaos Sound” is the kind of pure punk album that makes getting your face smashed and catching a bloody nose the glorious highlight of the night.