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Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens

Genre: post-hardcore
Label: Epitaph Records
Released: 03/13/2015

Sleeping With Sirens



by: Gabe Nye

Sleeping With Sirens is a band that has gained a lot of attention since their debut. Starting off as just another post-hardcore band, Kellin Quinn’s voice was the only thing to set them apart, and set them apart it did. Quinn’s voice has to be one of the highest, yet most powerful voices that I’ve heard from any band in the scene. Think a much more feminine Craig Owens, backed by generic post-hardcore music. However, as the band matured, so did their music. I was a big fan of their previous album, Feel, and now with Madness in my library, I can honestly say this might be my favorite album from them yet.

With a lot of people hating on the band due to their generic sound and Quinn’s high-pitched voice, they seemed to lash back in this album just a touch. The introductory song, “Kick Me,” is easily the most aggressive song that Sleeping With Sirens has ever recorded. With a resounding bass drum leading into heavy guitar riffs and curse-laden lyrics, Quinn screams back at the people who judge them, and it’s amazing. Seeing such an aggressive backbone to a considerably girly band gave me the push that I needed to jump on the Sleeping With Sirens bandwagon.

The album declines in energy, but not quality, from there. With every song, there seems to be a drop in aggression until we reach the end of the album, where the much softer, acoustic tracks live. These are in no way less impressive, though. The lyrical content of the tracks throughout the album include dealing with judgment, dealing with inspiration, and simply dealing with life. It’s a very encouraging album, with melodies that go hand in hand with the lyrics. There are tracks that will fit every mood, and make you feel good about the situation you’re in. With Quinn’s voice carrying the happiness and the music filling the gaps with inspiration, this is an album that is so well written and well produced, that I’m honestly surprised that it came from the same band that wrote “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn.”

This album is easily worth four and a half stars. There’s nothing bad to say about this album at all. My only critique would be that I wished the lyrical themes were a little more mature than they are, however it wouldn’t be Sleeping With Sirens if they didn’t cater a few tracks to a younger crowd. This album is still so mature compared to their past releases, and is one that I would absolutely love to see performed live. It would undoubtedly create a bond in the audience that would last until the encore. I love this album, and hope that they never backslide. Well done, boys.