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Straight Line Stitch

Straight Line Stitch

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Pavement Entertainment
Released: 06/30/2015

Straight Line Stitch


Hard Rock

By: Andrew James Kjelson/ Ash


Straight Line Stitch is a hard rock/metalcore band from Knoxville, Tennessee. Recently signing to Pavement Entertainment, they are back with their new EP, “Transparency.”

“Transparency” struts its stuff with 6 fierce new tracks. The opening track is a short instrumental, just enough to grab your attention before “Dark Matter” hits which is heavier, but still melodic and has a great breakdown. They slow it down again for “Out Of Body”, but pick it right back up for “Face of God” which is the standout track on this album. It is the most melodic, and features front-woman; Alexis Brown’s cleans with a good mix of the band’s wild growls and screams. Keeping the energy up “Wilderness” starts heavy, with screams from both members before cleans come in mid track; this track had great riffs and a solid message. “Human Bondage” is another track that starts heavy, but end on a softer note as you hear cleans from both Brown and band:

You give me absolution. Absolution..”

Straight Line Stitch is more than just a heavy rock/metal band, and they prove that in this EP. Guitar, drums, bass, and synth all come together to make a solid mix, but unfortunately vocals are sometimes buried underneath all the other instruments. Straight Line Stitch put out a solid EP that will leave a taste in your ears, which leaves you wanting more. We are excited to hear a full length in the future!