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Genre: Rock
Label: Artery Recordings
Released: 12/11/15


“Breathe Again”


by: Ash Starkweather

Christian rock group, Spoken is back and better than ever for 2015. They recently signed with Artery Recordings and are finishing 2015 strong with the release of, “Breathe Again”.

Falling Apart is about our past. We all have a one whether we like it or not. If our past currently affects our future, its no longer our past, Its our present which shapes our future. We can’t let our past define us, instead we need to set new goals and ambitions for our lives, free from the insecurities and doubt which cases us to fall apart.”- Spoken

The album opens up with a :53 intro, which leaves you on the edge with an electronic weary sound as it heads into the first track “Walking In My Dreams”, which is immediately heavy hitting and attention grabbing with the first line: “I keep seeing you in my dreams.” The track even features some screams, which are very limited in this album but a great addition to make this one of the most emotional and strongest tracks on the album. “Surrender” shows a lot of potential, each verse builds you up both lyrically and instrumentally but then the chorus is more of a letdown as they just let it go before they build you back up in the verse, but midway through the song it does feature a great guitar solo before they go back into the chorus, “Someday you’ll open your eyes, someday you’ll wake up to find.”

Next comes “Breathe Again” which was the first track released from the album almost a year ago (January 2015). The song also features Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire, but stays true to the Spoken sound. The song itself is very inspirational, but Mullins’s vocals are very similar to Baird’s vocals. Some of Mullins screams would have been a great addition to this track, rather than his cleans in our opinion. Mid record, “Hollow and Untrue” hits home with powerful lyrics and even has some brief screams, plus a great guitar solo. The next few tracks are the more mellow side of the album, but are not to be overlooked. Each song offers a deep emotional connection and tells a powerful story. Things really pick back up when “Falling Apart” comes into play, then following is “Hold On” which offers some electronic elements and a positive message of starting over.

They finish the album strong with a softer ballad, “Take My Breath Away”. This song could almost even be a worship song, depending on weather you take it as a worship song or a love song is all in your eyes. Either way, it is a beautiful track. Overall, spoken has put together a solid piece of work when it comes to “Breathe Again”; it takes you on an emotional journey and puts you in check with reality. Something we all need to do every once in a while, which makes this album a must listen to.