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Silent Planet

Silent Planet

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Solid State Records
Released: 11/10/2014

Silent Planet

Metalcore (Their Facebook states their genre as “Sound”)

Josh Mason of Josh Mason Design

“The Night God Slept”

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, Silent Planet have released their first full length album entitled “The Night God Slept” on Solid State Records. The album was officially released as of November 10th, 2014. The band have been very active since their debut in 2012 with “Come Wind, Come Weather” as they have also released another EP, “lastsleep 1944-1946” earlier this year.

From the moment the record starts, one can tell that the band has really taken their time to produce a polished product. The energy behind the sound on the record is massive to start. The album as a whole sounds well recorded and carefully timed as the tempo changes often. The lyrics are certainly the most carefully constructed piece of content as they are all tell stories from the perspective of various people. Many tell the tale of those who endured World War II and survived. An excellent example of the lyrical writing technique on the record would be from the song “Tiny Hands (Au Revoir)” as the band tells the story from the perspective of Madame Rouffanche, a World War II survivor that was placed on trial in 1953. The lyrical content is also heavily driven by the band’s belief in God. Many times it feels as if one is listening to an alternate version of the band Oh, Sleeper as their lyrical content is also heavily influenced by their belief in God and the way mankind treats itself. One can feel the sorrow and the truly heartfelt passion that the band has presented in the record. It is evident that the band has attempted to send the listener to a place of darkness, but also one in which that allows a light at the end of the tunnel to be present as they do with songs such as “XX (City Grave).”

“The Night God Slept” is not an album that is easily digested. One has to pay close attention to the lyrical content and the ambience that is often presented throughout the record. This is one reason why the record is a great listen again and again. For Metalcore and Progressive Metalcore fans alike, “The Night God Slept” will have you banging your head and continuing to research all of the references presented. The record ends on an un-nerving note, as do many of the songs. This tension is a great build up, yet their is little release at the end of the record. This leaves a lingering taste in one’s ears as the final song entitled “Depths II” comes to a close. Well crafted, dark and beautiful; “The Night God Slept” is an excellent 2014 listen.

The mix of clean and unclean vocals, heavy lyrical subject matter, as well as progressive elements helps “The Night God Slept” earn 4 out of 5 stars.



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