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Genre: Rock
Label: Blameshift
Released: 11/5/13




By: Ash Starkweather

Blameshift, the Long Island based rock band comprised of Jenny Mann (vocals), Tim Barbour (guitar and vocals) and Nathan Saake (drums), is pleased to announce the release of their new album, Secrets. The album, which was produced by Erik Ron (VersaEmerge, Good Charlotte, Panic at the Disco), will be released on November 5th, 2013.
I had the pleasure of getting to listen in on this album before the release date, and I need to tell you folks to get it while you can. I always appreciated any album where they started off with an instrumental track.

Right off the bat after the instrumental track it drops on you- “I’m not a savior, just a sinner. I’ll steal your passion. I’ll make your heart collapse.” < NOW THAT is an epic first :18 seconds. It does not stop there; the lyrics throughout the whole album grab your attention, and keep you singing along the second you learn them. It’s all something you can relate to, which keeps you coming back for more. The sound can be compared to Icon For Hire; they seem to be harder than Paramore but not quite as aggressive as Halestorm. It’s the perfect median between the two. I see many singles coming off this album one including: Destroy Your Masquerade, which is a duet with Paul McCoy of 12 Stones. I’m hoping to see lyric videos for “The Enemy You Need” or “Secrets” drop soon!