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Genre: Rock
Label: Rum Bum Records
Released: 04/29/14


“Rise Up”


by: Alyssa Boergermann

 In September of 2013, Memphis-based rock band Saliva released their 8th album In It To Win It featuring a new front man, Bobby Amaru, as what seems now like more of a rough draft to their 9th studio release, Rise Up. April 29th of this year,  Wayne Swinny (guitar), Dave Novotny (bass), and Paul Crosby (drums and percussion) return with Amaru to finish what they started. Featuring every track from it’s predecessor with the exclusion of three songs, Rise up is the finished product and an excellent addition to the legacy that is Saliva.

After the departure of Josey Scott in 2012 to pursue a solo Christian career, the band decided to press on rather than letting Saliva fade out as many fans feared they may. Almost immediately picking up Bobby Amaru (previously of Burn Season), they didn’t waste any time knocking out one blood pumping, foot pounding track after another. Despite a lot of controversy from a large fan base, most were pleasantly surprised and excited by the result of this new Saliva, and will be again by this re-release of an already proven playlist.

In a recent interview with Loudwire, Amaru shared, “We wanted to kind of get back to what Saliva was about.” They certainly accomplished that goal while allowing room for future growth in the process. It’s my hope they take full advantage of this opportunity at a fresh start.

It’s a solid record, but with “In It to Win It” being almost identical it makes the band seem more lazy then productive to put a new album out. 3/5 Stars.