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Saint Asonia

Saint Asonia

Genre: Hard Rock
Label: RCA Records
Released: 07/31/2015

Saint Asonia



By: Ash Starkweather


Watch out Hellyeah, there is a new super group in town! They go by: Saint Asonia and consist of Adam Gontier (former Three Days Grace front man), Mike Mushok (previous Staind guitarist), with Corey Lowery (former bassist of Stuck Mojo), and Rich Beddoe (previous Finger Eleven drummer). They made their debut performance at Rock on the Range this past spring and have created quite the buzz sense.

The first track on their self-titled album is “Better Place” which was the first single introduced to us from Saint Asonia. As soon as you hear the opening riffs, you know this is going to be a solid song. Then Adam comes in with the first line “Get away from me.” To immediately grab your attention and puts you in a Three Days Grace mindset with the lyrics, but immediately realizing both the sound and lyrics are much more mature than his work in the past, which becomes more noticeable as the album continues on. The sound of “Blow Me Wide Open” opens up with a riff and beat that is almost consuming, and puts you right in the track. It becomes more melodic when “Even Though I Say” comes in, and standout lyrics play a major part in the song:

“And even though I say

I’m sorry I’m this way

And even though I’ve changed

People stay the same.”

They pick it right back up for “Fairy Tale” which is the exact opposite of its name; as soon as the chorus kicks in you’ll be bobbin your head right along. It could easily be one of the most aggressive songs on the album. You start to hear more of the Staind influence when “Waste My Time” comes in. Gontier’s vocals are still a great fit, even with a softer instrumental supporting it. You can feel the emotions in each track, which is something that both Staind and Three Days Grace did great with in the past; making it obvious Saint Asonia will do the same. The last half of the album goes back and forth between more melodic tracks and heavier riffs before they finish out with “Leaving Minnesota” which is a little more repetitive than the rest but leaves us with the message- “You lost me along the way.

Saint Asonia’s self-titled freshman release is something the hard rock scene has been looking for. It’s an album you can put on not skip a single track, each telling its own story and putting you right into it. They are lined up for a fall tour and some festivals before the year is out, be sure to get introduced to one of tomorrows next biggest acts!