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Rise Against

Rise Against

Genre: punk rock
Label: DGC Records
Released: 06/10/2014

Rise Against

“The Black Market”

Punk Rock

by: Gabe Nye

            Rise Against is a band that has claimed the title of contemporary punk rock forerunners. Even as legends like Green Day struggle to keep their heads above the water in a world that is rapidly moving away from the repetition that so many people find in punk rock, Rise Against has somehow found the perfect balance to give them an admirable reputation in the punk community, as well as giving them mainstream success. With driving beats, melodies that beg to be chorused, and lyrics that are either relatable or political enough to invoke feeling, Rise Against’s latest album, The Black Market, is yet another installment in their success story.

This album just further proves the development that they’ve shown in the past few releases. With every effort, Rise Against refines their recipe for punk rock perfection and their style grows, striving to be better. The Black Market emphasizes the band’s musical ability and songwriting, showing the world that they’re so much more than just another punk band that got lucky. In this album you’ll find lyrics that discuss issues so much deeper than love and war, and that provide a very thought-provoking foundation for the music. Titling a song after the increasingly controversial drug methadone alone is enough to give the entire album credibility in its topics and lyrics.

The music is as energizing and seductive as ever. With their own unmistakable blend of melody and adrenaline, The Black Market will call you back for a second listen just moments after you finish it the first time. With a lot of songs taking a mature and genuine nature, and others giving off an energetic and mosh pit-crazy atmosphere, it gives the listener everything that they would want from this band. Those elements, along with Tim McIlrath’s raw, strained, sing-a-long vocals, make the music beg to be remembered.

Overall, this album is not incredibly different from their past efforts. Yes, it does show lyrical and even musical development, proving yet again that Rise Against makes the music that they want, despite what labels might say. However, it maintains the same sound and style that fans have grown accustomed to. With every new album, fans of any band will become either nervous or excited. Rise Against fans need only be excited as the band has come back with a solid four star release that has maintained my fanaticism for yet another installment.