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The Letter Black

The Letter Black

Genre: Christian Rock Rock
Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Released: 11/11/13

The Letter Black


Christian Rock

by: Jay

Head-splitting guitar riffs, a bass line so ridiculous your own heart wants to beat in rhythm.

Accompanied by drum beats that incredibly fantastic you become consumed by a need to mosh and

thrash erratically without a moments notice. And to further this wild excursion, with no warning given,

the ear becomes devoured by a wicked scream, halting the senses in your body and leaving you with the

question. The Letter Black is a Christian band? Oh yes! Hear it. Believe it. Then hear it again because

they won’t compromise their hard sound and inspiring message for pure fame.

The Rebuild album proves a persistent dedication to one’s work can only lead to bigger and

better things. Riddled with experience, passion and faith this record has a sound of a professional at its

helm. Starting off fast and heavy ‘Sick Charade’ will become an instant favorite for the listener. The song

sets a no-nonsense mood and makes no sign of letting up even with the final scream in the last few

seconds of the track. After that, go, break out. No really, ‘Break Out’ is a shot-to-the-gut piece in the

beginning and a jaw hitting performance by Sarah Anthony.

Do not fear The Letter Black does show their softer side in the album and drops the distorted

tones. Songs such as ‘Found’ and ‘Shattered’ will surely ease your throbbing neck from your

Rebuild by The Letter Black is so influenced by the rock/metal genre. Fans of the scene that

particularly don’t listen to Christian rock, won’t find a reason to not give this band kudos. The effort and

sheer will on their success in the music world makes this a respectful album. Their achievements can be

coveted by various fans of the rock scene.