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Senses Fail

Senses Fail

Senses Fail
Genre: post-hardcore
Label: Pure Noise Records
Released: 06/30/15

Senses Fail

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart


By: Cynthia Rios

      Senses Fail takes the term Post- Hardcore to a whole new level as if they are redefining the genre within each album especially this one. Since their signing with Pure Noise Records it seems their new album Pull The Thorns From Your Heart incorporates new ideology from lead singer Buddy Neilson journey in life making their seventh album the strongest one yet.

The album itself tells the story of the lead singer who has been in recent news for his controversial lifestyle, religion and sexuality. Buddy Neilson himself has spoken about his coming out, to his emotional trauma towards others and his conversion to Buddhism which is easily seen represented in the album and talked about in his 100 words or less podcast. After listening to the podcast the lyrics became clearer, lyrics about Buddy’s past include “I use to want to die, but now I believe…. There is love I found inside me.” From the song Carry the Weight and “I was so afraid to face the truth” from the song Wounds. These very few words open up the past to hopeless moments, struggles for life and the meaning of it in the band’s opinion.

Senses Fail was willing to post the meaning behind each song, Buddy himself told us about his mindset when writing each lyric on their website. The following was his description of the song Courage of an open heart. “The song to me represents my wish to live with radical openness towards all experiences. It embodies my wish to live a life that is full of joy, while embracing the darker more shadowy moments and not running from them. It is reflective on my meditation experience, a willingness to sit with the unpleasant emotions. It also speaks about hiding the truth of my sexuality for over fifteen years and how that impacted my willingness to want to be alive, I didn’t have a lot of peace and this song reflects the darkness of living a life where there is no love for your own being. It also speaks of how love pulled me up and out of the darkness.”

The tone itself seems almost as strong as the lyrics, bassist Jason Black did an excellent job balancing each lyric to emphasize the meaning and lead guitarists Matt Smith and Zach Roach did as well. Not to mention the strong effort from the drummer for being the cherry on top of the sundae and being the support in each song and completing the songs. In my honest opinion some parts seemed unbalanced but the majority of the album was eye- opening, In my personal opinion I believe Pull the Thrown From Your Heart would deserve 3 ½ stars with just instruments and vocals but due to the deep lyrics and meaning it deserves 4 or more stars for taking us on this journey through the darkness and allowing us to experience something beautiful through Buddy’s expression of music redefining the Post Hardcore genre and rock in general.



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