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Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil

Pierce The Veil
Genre: post-hardcore
Label: Fearless Records
Released: 06/06/2012

Pierce The Veil

Collide With The Sky


By: Cynthia Rios


The modern day Post- Hardcore band Pierce the Veil is known for their constant delivery of strong vocals, instrumentals and representing the Post- Hardcore genre in general. Stating that, they’ve gained a lot of media attention and a strong fan base causing them to be seen as a one of the most influential and popular modern rock bands today. After the release of Collide with the Sky it isn’t hard to see why as this album might be their strongest one yet.

The band’s past albums A Flair for the Dramatic and Selfish Machines expressed lines of deep meaningful lyrics and emotions undefeated by other modern Post Hardcore bands today. These lyrics were brought to their match when the first song May These Noises Startle You In Your Sleep way played. This song, often paired with Hell Above share intimate details of lead singer’s Vic Fuentes’ Personal relationships.  Lyrics such as “Why the fuck would you say something?” and “Mother, Father, I love you so” share aggression and regret towards family, friends and other people involved in Vic’s life. It isn’t hard to see why such powerful lyrics have such a strong impact on the Pierce the Veil’s fan base setting them aside from other bands with similar instrumentals.

In the album the band seems to explore different genres as shown in Bulls in the Bronx. During the interlude of this song the band switches from electric guitar to acoustic giving of an older salsa vibe and guitar riff. Not to mention how this sound contrasts the whole song allowing extreme emphasis towards the line “Please, don’t take this out on me, because you’re the only thing that’s keeping me alive,” Other genres are also explored during songs such as Tangled in the Great Escape when the vocals aren’t as strong as previous song and even in the last song Hold On Till’ May.

Collide With the Sky, the album itself displays energy through every song but the last. The strong energy is created with excessive bass is balanced out with a strong lead guitarist allowing each verse to emphasize strong meaning. This is strongly shown in the song a Match in To Water. In this song specifically this is representing with a strong introduction and soft vocals beginning the first verse, this is later balanced when emphasizing the pain when leaving “her”. The energy displayed in this album isn’t downplayed even when in collaboration.

This Album included three separate collaborations; the first one King For A Day featured Kellin Quinn, lead singer of a fellow post- hardcore band, Sleeping With Sirens. The song itself went platinum since it’s debut and is arguably the most popular song in the band’s career allowing the tour to carry both PTV and SWS. Other collaborations included Tangled in the great escape and the last song in the album Hold on Till’ May which balanced the album and left it off at an extremely emotional yet hopeful end captured only by the beautiful soft vocals of Lindsey Stanley.

Overall the Album itself has no bad aspects in our opinion in fact we believe this is the most memorable and powerful album from Pierce the Veil. Taking it farther we would like to recognize the passion and commitment within each and every album Pierce the Veil has created leaving me to say we are a proud fan. This deserves no less than five stars all around in our opinion.