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Genre: Christian Rock
Label: Unsigned
Released: 08/18/2015


“One Love Revolution”

Christian Rock

by: Alyssa Boergermann

Whether or not the leading Christian rock band Pillar would ever release another album was a fair question for some time. We have not been disappointed. After a long six years, Rob, Kalel, Lester, and Noah have reunited and aren’t holding anything back with One Love Revolution. Another solid production, you can hear Pillar’s heart beating throughout. From the heavy introductory anthem, “One Love Revolution,” to the intimate vocals of “Unafraid,” to the throwback rap in “Paratrooper,” it’s clear the guys have a message to convey. In an interview with BREATHEcast’s Justin Sarachik on August 13th(2015), Rob Beckley (lead vocals) shared, “The real intent of the record is to inspire people that know Christ to be more in love with Him and to inspire people that do not want anything to do with God to at least take a second, to inspire them to a conversation at least.”

While there isn’t any groundbreaking advancement in their sound, Rob’s clear vocals (raucous screams), Lestor’s decisive drums, Noah’s electric rifts, and Kalel’s pulsating bass clearly permeate each song, drawing you in or pumping you up as each song progresses. Even the purely instrumental, “Ember of Hope,” holds its own, creating a transition of sorts in the middle of the album. One track, “A Season,” is available for digital purchase only, and another, “Fall the Foe,” only in physical form, but both are worthy inclusions.

The album became available August 18th, so if you haven’t heard it yet, better late than never! One Love Revolution is a worthwhile buy, and the guys of Pillar are well worth supporting.






Sarachik, J. (2015, August 13). Pillar’s ‘One Love Revolution’ is a Raised Banner to Remind People to ‘Fight on Behalf of God’s Love’ Say Vocalist [INTERVIEW 2]. Retrieved August 29, 2015.