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Papa Roach

Papa Roach

Papa Roach
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Eleven Seven Music
Released: 01/27/2015

Papa Roach

Hard Rock

by: Ash Starkweather


This album is something special. It starts right off with the title track, Face Everything and Rise (FEAR) which was released last November. It sets a good tone for the album overall and even gives a feeling of a Christian Rock album with some of the lyrics.

“The Pain, the rain is a blessing in disguise.” – Face Everything and Rise

“I’ll follow you out of the dark” -Falling Apart

“I’m standing on the front lines, I’m fighting for my soul.” – War Over Me

The heavy hitting album continues on with “Skeletons” and the second released single, “Just as Broken as Me”, which was the second song released from the album, and definitely the hardest; it is sure to be a hit. The band definitely stepped up to their A game when putting this album together.  They stated in an interview- “For the first time ever, we just walked into the studio with no songs written and we literally just started from scratch and wrote a song and then recorded it, and said, ‘That one’s done,’ and moved on to the next one. Which we’ve never really recorded a record like that before. But it really captured the energy, the spontaneity of all of our ideas, just right there on the spot. We weren’t forced to overthink anything; we just laid it down and moved on to the next one.”  The album gets more personal and a tad softer when “Falling Apart” and “Never Have To Say Goodbye” comes into play, again sounding very much like Christian Rock.

Then when “Gravity” comes in it takes us back to an old school Papa Roach sound, with more elements of  rap-rock, and even features front woman Maria Brink, from In This Moment who fit perfectly for this track. With both of them playing multiple festivals together this spring, we can only hope they perform this one together. The album kicked it back up when “Warriors” comes into play, and finished strong with the positive messages of hope in the last three tracks. Overall a 5 star record, I cannot recommend one song, because you need to just listen to the entire record. It’s that amazing; I’ll be purchasing it on vinyl on its release date later this week.


I know we said listen to the entire album, but our personal favorite was: GRAVITY.