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Genre: Rock
Label: Century Media
Released: 10/31/13


Enjoy the Pain EP (2013)


By: Gabe Nye

Otherwise: a band that not many people may know, but one that has a

following nonetheless. The few albums that they’ve put out have had their share of

sales and airplay. Yet most people would still ask “Who?” when confronted with that

name. Regardless, their most recent release was their Enjoy the Pain EP. This album

was an interesting release to listen to, and here’s why.

If you know Otherwise, you’ll be familiar with their sound. They’re a rock

band that comes out of Las Vegas, and that’s exactly what they sound like. They’re a

good band, but sound like a typical rock band. This EP, however, is a major change

in pace. It’s not technically acoustic, but it might as well be. The entire EP is laced

with great guitar that, if I were to hear it alone, would never have guessed it came

from a rock band. Combine beautiful acoustic guitar, Adrian Patrick’s moving voice,

and lyrics that intertwine alternative rock with 1980s power ballads, and you’ve got

an EP to remember.

However, it wasn’t all easy listening. There was a weird mixture of acoustic

and almost ambient rock that I don’t think meshed as well as they intended. It

seemed very out of place and almost like they forgot it wasn’t supposed to be an

acoustic EP. Had it been strictly acoustic, I feel it would have been far better. It

counterbalanced the pretty guitar in a way that diminished from the overall appeal.

Not to mention a very long and unnecessary clip at the end of the EP where we get

the privilege of listening to Adrian Patrick leave the studio. I understand what you

were trying to do there, Adrian, but you way overshot your mark.

Overall this EP is pretty decent. It’s not something that I’m going to walk

away from and remember the next day, and it’s definitely not something I’d show off

to a friend. It is a good listen though, and if you’re looking for some new music or

just a good EP for some reminiscent downtime, Enjoy the Pain has got your back.

The balance between the guitar, vocals, lyrics, and then the mediocrity of the rest of

the elements, this album deserves a good two and a half stars.