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Miss May I

Miss May I

Genre: Metalcore
Label: Rise Records
Released: 08/07/2015

Miss May I



by: Cynthia Rios/Ash

   Miss May I has drastically changed from the band they were back in High School. This isn’t hard to see in their latest (and 5th) studio album, “Deathless”. This Melodic Metalcore band has had a variety of opinions from multiple audiences on their previous album, “Rise Of The Lion”. The question now remains; Does this album show any improvement?

The first song we personally listened to on this album was I.H.E, which was a great build up in its entirety. The song begins with a slow guitar riff speeding up until the ultimate last strum when accompanied by other instruments. Although the screams seemed to be placed at random it still remains very balanced. This song expresses previous anger and breakdowns, expressed in heavier instruments with lines such as, “I hate everything/everyone”. The soft build up leads to an explosion of hate and chaos making the song a pure masterpiece, or at least that’s what we believed before listening to the rest of the album.

I.H.E was still a great song, but after the strong vibe settled down a bit we heard the same pattern and similar rhythms of songs that follow, which is what led us to believe in some sort of generic metalcore. This can be heard in “Turn Back The Time” and a number of other songs on the album, where the buildup is not as strong but still leads to some sort of dystopia or strange chaotic instrument explosion. We personally liked this but it would also be nice to hear more variety.

This album really allowed Ryan Neff to become more recognized for his amazing intros and solos throughout the album, along with his backup vocals. This played a major role in this albums improvement over the last. You can especially recognize this during “Arise”; Ryan’s clean vocals really support Levi’s screams, throughout the entire album. The drums were definitely stronger in some songs throughout the album, more than its previous albums. Unfortunately, some of it was not easily distinguishable aside from the beginning of the chorus or final verse. Either way, every song in this album with the words and instruments put together was a beautiful roller coaster of emotions.

As a whole, “Deathless” itself is still a great buy, or at least a few songs are. The songs are not always distinguishable, but if you like a bit of ch­aos in your ears, then this is the perfect album for you. If one thing stands out from this album it is definitely the guitar work, as mentioned earlier.