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Milk Teeth

Milk Teeth

Genre: punk rock
Label: Hopeless Records
Released: 01/29/2016

Milk Teeth

Vile Child

Punk Rock

By: Ash Starkweather


Milk Teeth are kicking off 2016 with the release of their debut album, Vile Child. The album kicks right off with “Brickwork” an intense fast paced track that puts you right back into the 90s with the grunge garage band sound.  “Driveway Birthday” slows it down a tone, but still keeps the beat up. If you are a stoner, this could be the perfect band for you to chill to. Their deep lyrics get deep down in your brain, and the melodies are right there to accompany the feels.

“Brain Food” is their latest release, and one of the catchiest on the album. “I’m stalling * time wasting * it’s hopeless * frustrated.” From the first riff, you can tell it is about to go down, and be the best track on the album. Moving forward, “Get a Clue” is one of the heaviest track on the record with heavy riffs and screams, plus the best breakdown on the album definitely rests about 2:30 into this track as it finishes with screaming “THIS ISNT YOU.” From there it is like we almost a complete 180 as it slows down into “Moon Wanderer” and one of the most emo tracks we have heard yet from this record, as they sing “Put a barrel to my head, I’ll be on the ground.”

Any former emo kid, or just anyone in general who feels in a general rut will be able to relate to each track on this album from “Swear Jar” to “Cut You Up” this record leaves you with every emotion out there. “Leona” picks back up with screams that make you do a double take. Am I listening to Underoath?! It sure is a shame that co-vocalist Josh Bannister has left the band, as his screams definitely brought a new edge to Milk Teeth’s sound. Each track on “Vile Child” is pretty short, the shortest being “Kabuki” at just 1:52 and the longest is the final track on the album, “Sunbaby”, but they all groove together to make this album a sure success.

Be sure to check out Milk Teeth this spring on their upcoming tour with Citizen, coming to a city near you.