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Memories In Broken Glass  – Enigma Infinite

Memories In Broken Glass – Enigma Infinite

Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Hammer Forged Records
Released: January 13, 2017

If Northlane and Peripery had a baby, the product would be Texas quintet Memories In Broken Glass. Partnering with Hammer Forged Records, they’ve slated to release their first full length album, “Enigma Infinite”, which displays a confidence in the sound they have created, making them strong front-runners in the Djent scene. From the production value to the artwork, just looking at and hearing the album from afar would attract any metal enthusiast. MIBG (Memories In Broken Glass) have been hard at work for the last 7-8 years perfecting the sound of the band, as well as the brand. But enough of that, lets dive into the record…

Starting with track number one, “Search and Discover”, you get the ambient techno feel while being thrust directly into the track after only a few seconds. They have a good formula of songwriting that is pretty well stated in the inagural track, with hard-hitting verses and catchy choruses. Moving on, “Through The Eyes Of Deception is another aggresive track thats in your face and constantly grabbing your attention in every direction. The third track “As The Tables Turn” starts off a bit slower but throws you right back into the same djent-y goodness that this band seems to be very well at writing. “Contrast Of Despair” dials it back a bit, giving the song almost a ballad type feel while still having their foot on the gas pedal driving the machine back into galvinizing patterns and palm muting goodness. As we reach the midway point in the album, we come to the single off of the record entitled “Waves” that really gives a good interpretation to the band upon first inspection, and hooks you with soulful choruses and a perfect blend of clean and heavy vocals.

“The Constant” starts off brutal, really showing off the crunch of the down tuned guitars as they lift it back into yet another dynamic chorus, seemingly their specialty considering they pull it off wonderfully. “Echoes of Command” follows along the same path, that really just makes you want to punch your neighbor (or the closest person to you.) The instrumental track “Odyssey” is an ear catcher, between soothing, uplifting chords and the progressio through the track all together, making it a perfect break for the beggining of the end of the album. “A Millian Voices” and “Ember” are track numbers 9 & 10, wrapping up a very solid debut album for MIBG.

Overall, This band seems to know what they’re doing. Although the album can lose your attention from time to time, it always draws you back into it no matter what and always finishes strong. A must listen to for anyone a fan of proggresive djent.

Catch Memories In Broken Glass on the Enigma Infinite Tour along with “Of Serpents And Saviors” and “THE ANSIBLE” This month in celebration for their new release!

PopD rates this 4/5.