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MC Lars

MC Lars

MC Lars
Genre: Post-punk laptop rap
Released: 11/06/2015

MC Lars

The Zombie Dinosaur LP

Post-punk laptop rap

By: Dino Irish

Nerds of the world, stand up! No more need to fear that nerdcore rap will go the way of the commercialized stylings of Kanye West, or the candy-ass movie soundtrack compositions of Pharrell (and his stupid Smokey the Bear hat). With his new LP, MC Lars, that beatboxing bookworm from the West Coast, has made hip-hop safe for all of us who remember Saturday morning cartoons.

The Kickstarter-funded Zombie Dinosaur LP, is the Bay Area MC’s third album. It blasts off with immediate ferocity, giving everyone who chipped in a few bucks their money’s worth right from the get-go. The album opens with “Where You Been Lars?”, an introductory party anthem which hits the ground running. On “Zombie T.Rex”, Lars becomes an educational cartoon antihero, riffing on Stanley Kubrick, Edgar Allen Poe, and the seedy world of overpriced coffeehouses. “Sublime with Rome (is Not the Same Thing as Sublime)” takes vicious and well-earned shots at bands who have the gall to overcharge for tickets, after the best members have split or kick the bucket, while “Hipster Mom” does the same for the breeding habits of the insufferable Hipster Elite. “Dragon Blood” and “If I Were a Jedi” finds Lars in the role of basement gamer who’s nerdiness and social gracelessness is obliterated by the force and power of his bedroom fantasies. “The Top 10 Things Never to Say on a First Date” is a humorous call-and-response lesson book about openness and honesty being more detrimental than virtuous. ‘The Ballad of Hans Moleman” is a love letter to one the unsung heroes of The Simpsons, glorifying the acceptance of his miserable existence, including taking a football to the groin and getting into a knife fight with a certain surly bartender. “Party with Lars” is the companion to the opening track, finding Lars knee deep in the party he kicked off, while “Forgot About Jack” reads like Lars’ half-blasted eulogy for the wild eyes and weird living of Jack Kerouac and those Crazy Beatniks, who he is clearly the Lost Member of. “Never Afraid”, “The Dip (a nod to Judge Doom and the Weasels from ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit?’”, and the closing track “Triforce” did not carry nearly any of the weight of the rest of the tracks, but rather dug deep into more of Lars’s personal life. The Zombie Dinosaur LP plays like a rhyming college theses on the hilarious absurdity of American Pop Culture. Unapologetic and insanely creative, it praises and stabs at all the right spots, trends, and people who populate and color the current world.

The truth is that Rap music has been going soft and stale, becoming a parody of itself, and having none of the redeeming social quality it used to carry with it. All the rappers out there have been put on notice that the menacing sexism and Cristal-cork popping of the Gangsta Rap days are long over with. MC Lars has set a new benchmark in Nerdcore, and the only shot to take this cat down is to start inventing some new words. Hershdi, Berttahikjndi, Vjgscvjasg, Kfsyuegwergyh…just for starters.




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