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Lovely Little Lonely

Lovely Little Lonely

Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: 8123
Released: April 7, 2017

Arizona-born alternative rockers The Maine released their sixth studio album ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ on April 7th. This album is as refreshing and uplifting as the first few days of spring. John O’Callaghan’s smooth vocals waltz listeners through his thoughtfully structured lyrics. The band’s instrumentation has always had a pop-rock sound and ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ is no exception. It is most definitely summer soundtrack material.

The Maine produced this album independently and began releasing teasers of each track building up to its release. Though it seems that teasers would take the element of surprise away from the debut, they handled it well and only heightened the anticipation.

Each track is polished and tight. Every detail was very obviously thought out from start to finish. Memorable verses and choruses were perfectly constructed and transitioned at just the right moments.

The first track, ‘Don’t Come Down,’ starts off with a punchy guitar riff that’s sure to leave listeners bobbing their heads. O’Callaghan jumps in with catchy vocal structure and then the two combine into a choppy feel-good anthem. The vocal and instrumental dynamism in this track are truly captivating.

“Bad Behavior’ is the second track and it’s the song every girl wants written about her. O’Callaghan creates intriguing visuals with his words. They tell a story and paint a vivid picture. It is literally like a soundtrack and each listener transforms into a character in his or her own unique movie from his descriptions.

Around the fourth track the tempo picks up and the percussion takes on a stronger presence, while the melody is more reserved. The lyrics are direct and so relatable. Everyone can think back to a time of waiting and hoping for the right words to come out. “You crash like a roaring wave, you come around I lose my brain…Just another lovesick afternoon, Black butterflies and déjà vu, Hoping for the right words, Waiting for the right words…”

‘Do You Remember? (The Other Half of 23)’ is the song you’ll belt into your hairbrush, slaying the solo with a killer air guitar. The vocals and instrumentals remain strong but are balanced in a way that both are highlighted without overpowering the other. The fast pace and change in energy keep it exciting throughout.

The closing track, ‘How Do You Feel’ is an excellent composition of ambient instrumentals, muted percussive downbeat and attentive words. The ever-changing energy is gripping, but the most impressive feature, not only in this particular track, but also throughout the entire album, is O’Callaghan’s ability to form such intricate and articulate verbal patterns that work well in sound, but in substance as well.

Overall, The Maine’s ‘Lovely Little Lonely’ is an energetic, feel-good experience. It’s a perfect mesh of radio-worthy melodies and sincere, substantial lyrics. PopD gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.